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Miami Motel Stories is Coming to Wynwood

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Juggerknot Theatre Company, the creators of Miami Motel Stories are on the move again. This time the immersive theatre company has joined forces with Della Heiman creator of The Wynwood Yard. Wynwood Stories a site-specific piece will be hosted at the Yard during its final month, April 16th – May 4th, before they close and transition to Doral Yard.

“During our time in Wynwood, we have been fascinated by the rich history and unique characters who impacted the trajectory of this special neighborhood’s evolution. Now, during this moment of rapid change, it’s the perfect time to reveal, illuminate, and celebrate the pivotal moments that conspired to make Wynwood such an inspiring and complex phenomenon. And who better to tell this story than the most brilliant storytellers in our city. When I first had the honor of experiencing Miami Motel Stories in Little Havana, I was blown away by the use of hyper-local immersive theater as a compelling and groundbreaking lens into Miami’s vibrant history. Though our time in Wynwood was borrowed, this neighborhood has become deeply beloved by our whole team, and we couldn’t be more honored to host this notable cultural experience at The Yard,” said Della Heiman Founder of The Wynwood Yard.

Wynwood Stories is an immersive theatre experience highlighting the personal stories of the people who lived, worked, and made significant contributions to Wynwood and her ever-changing landscape. Resident playwright Juan C. Sanchez works alongside community partners, HistoryMiami and community players, activists, developers, artists, residents, shop owners, and historians to tell the authentic story of Miami’s neighborhoods–past, present, and future.

“Wynwood has been many things to many people through time–-a place to live, work, or be entertained–and there are many clashing truths and points of views about the neighborhood,” Juan C. Sanchez. “As a playwright, I’m interested in exploring this complexity and its layers, but I’m equally interested in building community. My research has led me to the many different people who have shaped the neighborhood and while their personal stories and testimonies do support differing points of views, they also highlight where commonalties intersect–in the way they toil and live and struggle and dream-–in that place of shared experience.”

Directed by NYC-based immersive theatre director Tai Thompson, Wynwood Stories will uncover several layers and changes of the neighborhood touching upon her many transitions. The story will start in 1917 when the neighborhood was called Wyndwood Park evolving into Wynwood, home to middle-class families who worked at many of the neighborhood’s commercial businesses, including Coca-Cola, Merita Bread, and within the third largest garment district in the country, home to both retailers and manufacturers. To Wynwood’s Puerto Rican community, becoming “Little San Juan” by the mid-1950’s. To the arrival of artist-run spaces, such as The Bakehouse.

It’ll highlight Wynwood’s graffiti and street art culture, the impact of The Miami Riots, and the neighborhood today: a destination, location, and home to a diverse mix of bars, restaurants, clubs, retail, sitting alongside art galleries, artist work spaces, performance spaces, and walls of street art. “We’re excited to once again work with the Miami Motel Stories team,” said DTPW Director Alice N. Bravo, P.E. “Through their immersive storytelling, they are telling the stories of these ever-changing communities and how our public transportation system remains an integral means of connection decade after decade.”

Awarded a Knight Arts Challenge Grant, Juggerknot Theatre has created real-time immersive theatre experiences set in site-specific locations that tell the stories of Miami’s developing neighborhoods. In 2017, Juggerknot Theatre launched its first edition of Miami Motel Stories in Little Havana at the historic Tower Hotel, followed in December 2018 by a sold out 4 week run on Biscayne Boulevard at the Gold Dust Motel by Selina.

Photo courtesy of Juggerknot

“The Juggerknot Team is honored to have Miami Motel Stories written by Juan C. Sanchez recognized by the Carbonell committee. Through our work with immersive theatre we hope to better connect our communities while highlighting Miami’s rich multicultural landscape. This experience has been pure magic and we can’t thank Miami enough for allowing us to tell her story.”

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